π is the symbol for profit. Objective:pi focuses your information technology on your objective: profit.

Too often, decisions about information technology are made on the basis of "what's cool" or "what's at hand (easy)". IT decisions should explicitly be driven by how you and your clients profit.

Find a way of directing projects to contribute to profit in Focus on Profit: The only way to manage IT.

Many projects fail to produce the intended results because they "happened" instead of being thought out in advance. Yet, "analysis paralysis" is a commonly warned-of peril. Is there only a treacherous balancing act between extremes?

Coming soon – Analysis versus Action: A false dichotomy.

"Acceptable risk" is a phrase that makes some managers shiver. They strive for zero risk. "Failure is not an option" is the mantra. But, we all really know that the activity of living is fundamentally risk management. Projects need to live a little, too. Some may die.

Return in a few weeks for more about project life and death in the article The Three IT Risks, and who manages them.

A frightening amount of work is done in complete ignorance of the business drivers of the work. Projects are completed with the team "in the dark" about how the project profits the company or the company's clients. Can you think of a better set up for failure?

Soon, you'll learn how to set up for success in the article Matching Drivers of Business and Customers.

There are many information technology consultancy firms. Some are product specialists — "We can do anything, so long as it's VB5 on NT4!" — and some are technique specialists — "We can optimize your IP router link utilization!"

But who can take your business' needs and translate them into and effective information technology operation? Does your company really need its "link utilization" optimized? Is "VB5 on NT4" the best choice for your specific business model?

That's where Objective:pi LLC comes in. We are your advisor and your assistant. You've got your business to attend to — we'll figure out how to best support and enhance it with appropriate information technology.

We invite you to read about our thoughts on how to manage information technology and take a look at some of the types of problems we solve.

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